Anti-Selfie Bill, also known as House Bill 4807 or Protection Against Personal Intrusion Act, limits the right of taking selfies anywhere you want. As two of our cities rank as the ‘Selfie Capital of the World’, this is a big issue that must be carefully looked considered.

The said bill does not only include those taken by oneself, but also those pictures of places and things. Sometimes, when people take selfies in public places, there are chances that they incidentally take pictures of other people. The bill is said to protect those whose pictures are taken without their consent. People who took pictures that intrudes privacy, especially those who gained profit from those, would have civil liabilities to the offended party.

Overview of Anti-Selfie Bill: House Bill 4807 or Protection Against Personal Intrusion Act in Philippines

However, some social groups consider this as a violation and limitation of the freedom of the press, because even videos, physical impression and simple voice recording of a person is considered a violation. Furthermore, though not physically trespassing, but you are able to take visual and audio recordings of a person or family activities without consent is still a violation. Those you call photo bombers in your photos could even sue you for having their pics without permission.

According to Bayan Muna Representative, Carlos Zarate, the bill is now on its third reading. 

The media also protest against the bill. Nowadays, a common person can easily take pictures and videos of what they deem news worthy, but even taking pictures of a public figure would be a violation.

It had been a public notion that taking videos, pictures and sound recordings could also be an evidence and/or a protection of a person against a crime. The congress must seriously consider this Anti-Selfie Bill because it is now starting an uproar from those part of the social media networks. Reference: Interaksyon, abs-cbnnews

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