Anria Anne Galang Espiritu a 26-year-old from Calumpit, Bulacan was allegedly raped and killed by more than two suspects last August 14, 2014: Thursday. Her dead body was seen floating in a rice field wearing gray t-shirt and skirt without undergarments.

According to GMA News, the girl was stabbed to her death 20 times in the neck using a screwdriver. The family of Espiritu is now looking for justice and paying for the quick progress of the case.

An investigation was conducted by the Scene of the Crime Operatives (SOCO) and they found out that Espiritu’s underwear was missing and she was stabbed to death several times with a screwdriver which they found near the body of the woman. Because of this, they were suspected to be under the influence of drugs. Based on the result of an autopsy, she was raped by more than two persons and the number of stabs were more than 20.

Anria was fund of posting pictures of her on her Facebook account that helped with her identification. Her body was found wearing the same dress she had on one of her pictures.

Anria Anne Galang Espiritu's Family and Friends are Looking for Justice for Her

Due to increase of crimes related to social media, everyone must avoid putting too much information about you on Facebook. The reason for this is too much exposure of people in the social networking sites. Imagine posting a picture that could tempt someone and make him interested in you. The next thing would be that someone would want to personally meet you somewhere in order for the criminal’s plan to execute.

It is good to make use of social networking sites such as Facebook in order to connect with others and make friends with them. Because of making connections by means of adding friends, commenting on posts, chatting, liking of pages and joining groups, you can have lots of privileges maximizing your usage of this free site. But, do not put pictures that are tempting and will give birth to hidden desires. It is good to post pictures about a certain event or occasion but as much as possible, give limitations to yourself. There are so many people who failed to execute this safety measure.

Watch the news update about Anria Anne Galang Espiritu upload on YouTube as embedded below.

Update: Three Suspect got Caught and One more on Hunt as of August 19, 2014
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