Ice Bucket Challenge Accepted by Vice Ganda from Kris Aquino, Billy and Coleen, and Anne Curtis: For a good cause, the It’s Showtime hosts, Vice Ganda, Billy and Coleen, and Anne Curtis gamely accepted the challenge to take part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The challenge aims to promote awareness on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and raise money for the research of its cure.

As an answer to actress-host Kris Aquino’s dare, Vice Ganda, during the noon time show, dressed as a witch, flew all over the stage, sang “Hot and Cold” by Kathy Perry and then got soaked with ice cold water. He then explained what the disease is and made clear that though he took up the challenge, he would still donate to the ALS organization. He then proceeded to dare Coco Martin, Richard Yap and Director Bobet Vidanes. The director quickly took the challenge and nominated Jhong Hilario, Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Accepted by Vice Ganda from Kris Aquino, Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia, and Anne Curtis

Billy and Coleen answered the dare together, hugging each other as the iced water poured on them. Billy explained that the feeling of being soaked with icy water is the same sensation felt by people with ALS. He then called out Karylle, Vhong and Anne to do the dare.

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Anne Curtis did the challenge with her boyfriend Erwan Heussaff who pouring the icy water on her. Erwan also promised to donate to together with Anne. She posted her video in her Instagram account and left a message challenging Regine Velazquez and the couples Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano, and Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah Geronimo.

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Watch ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by Xian Lim, Vhong Navarro, Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano here. As of date, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge successfully raised $88.5 million, continuing the legacy of the late Correy Griffin, one of the men behind the movement, who drowned last August 16 at the age of 27.

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