A cast of ABS-CBN’s gag show “Banana Nite” tried to commit suicide by threatening to jump off the Sogo Hotel building in Quezon City. Many have witnessed the comedian’s attempt to end his life because of an alleged plan by his girlfriend’s boyfriend to kill him. He received death threats and he was not able to handle them. Kuya Jobert was convinced afterwards not to jump off the building and went with the authorities.

While he was with the police officers, he was looking for his family and director Edgar Mortiz. Many have witnessed the drama while Kuya Jobert was at the Sogo Hotel building. A video was taken and uploaded on Facebook about his suicide attempt that gathered so many comments from the netizens.

Kuya Jobert aside from a cast in Banana Nite is also a Youtube sensation. He has uploaded a lot of videos on Youtube and he also has so many pick-up lines that entertained a lot of people.

About Jobert Austria a Banana Nite Comedian's Suicide Attempt Issue

With regards to Jobert Austria’s career, he appeared in Toda Max, a TV series with the role Bruno. He also appeared in Wansapanataym on the Hear na U, sori na Me episode in 2012 and Sandy and the Super Sandok in 2012.  Other appearances are Happy Yipee Yehey and Laugh Out Loud.

The incident that took place in Sogo Hotel building is a proof that even comedians have suicide tendencies. Well, let us pray for Kuya Jobert that he will be able to overcome his situation, especially on the part wherein there are plots to kill him. May Kuya Jobert continue to make people laugh despite the fact that he is in grave danger. Kuya Jobert is an ordinary person just like us with struggles in life. Sometimes a joker has to find his own joker when moments like this come.

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