Though they haven’t met personally, comedian Ryan Bang expressed his disapproval of Terrence Romeo for Vice Ganda whom he considered his “mommy.” According to him, he want someone who will love Vice Ganda no matter what. He is angry with people who are hurting his mommy and as much as possible if he is going to choose a man who will become Vice’s partner, that man should practice sincerity and will not hurt Vice. He also added that wherever Vice will be happy, he has his support.

Ryan Bang is one of the hosts of noontime show “It’s Showtime” and according to him as reported by abs-cbn news, it would be nice if the man who will become Vice’s partner, he should be at the age of Vice in order to work out. Terrence allegedly posted on social media that he loves Vice Ganda. Ryan would like to see from Terrence that he is sincere with his mommy and not just through words.

Why Ryan Bang Does Not Want Terrence Romeo for Vice Ganda

On the other hand, Terrence looks at the issue regarding him and Vice as a ghost of his image and he wants the fans of Vice Ganda to stop making issues about him. He said that they should stop making news that are not true since they eventually affect his image.

The issue between Vice and the basketball player became sensational when Vice said that he broke up with his boyfriend and complimented him for being a good person though the name was not mentioned.

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