A sad news was received by the family of a Pinoy toddler named Dave Gabriel who died in Texas after undergoing a free surgery. The toddler was from Bacolod City and the one responsible for bringing him to Houston, Texas for the surgery was the HeartGift Foundation. The death of the kid was confirmed by the executive director of HeartGift Foundation named Rachel Wright and nothing is still released with regards to the reasons why the toddler died.

The surgery of the toddler was scheduled July 17 that is why the mother and the child arrived in the United States in July 12. This is in order to be early and to avoid any delays and problems in terms of surgery. They were then welcomed by the members of the Filipino community at the airport. The pre-operative visit of the kid took longer as expected for it lasted for 6 hours. This happened before the actual surgery.

Pinoy toddler named Dave Gabriel Died After Free Heart Surgery in Texas

Because of the death of the boy, the mother, sponsors, nurses, and members of the Filipino community will have a prayer vigil. This story has circulated online and has touched the hearts of the people, especially the Filipinos.

There are times when surgeries are not enough to save the life a person. Dave could have a promising future but life is unexpected, in fact, unpredictable. The two-year-old child from Bacolod City is a symbol of innocence.

What happened to his heart during the surgery was it was repaired. When the toddler died, he was recovering at the intensive care unit. For the record, the name of the hospital where the surgery took place and where the toddler died is Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital located in Houston.

In behalf of CenterTechNews, we extend our condolences to the family of the toddler.

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