If you are craving for good movie to watch and cannot get over with “The Legal Wife” you might want to watch Trophy Wife which will be on July 30, 2014 in theaters nationwide. This movie is directed by Andoy Ranay, screenplay and story by Keiko Aquino, and music by Teresa Barrozo.

The main casts of the movie are Christine Reyes as Lani, Derek Ramsay as Chino, Heart Evangelista as Gwen, and John Estrada as Sammy. Other supporting casts are Jaime Fabregas, Jackie Lou Blanco, G. Toengi, Jovic Monsod and many more.

Watch Trophy Wife Official Movie Trailer Review by Viva Films

This is a challenge to the actors and actresses since the movie is a bit sexy with Derek Ramsay and Christine Reyes to pair once again since 2011. The movie’s tagline is “A movie about love, lies and deceit. A story of a woman you cannot trust, but cannot resist to love” which makes it more interesting especially to those who are fond of watching movies with such genre. And as the tagline implies, we can expect it to have a mixture of drama, suspense and action. Well, expect the unexpected on the movie and if you want to, you can watch the trailer to have an overview on what to see in it.

Watch the Official Trailer of Trophy Wife Movie by Viva Films

The movie is released by Viva Films that will surely touch the hearts of those who can relate to the same situation. The trailer of the movie has been released and it lasted for 3 minutes showing a lot of sexy scenes especially on the part of Derek and Christine. Christine said that there is this feeling of being awkward on their scenes with Derek but still she is dedicated to do her job being a professional.

Don’t forget the date of release of Trophy Wife and comment about it after watching. It is good if you can come back again to this blog to leave your comment and reaction on the movie. Trophy Wife is also produced by Multivision Pictures and is edited by George Jarlego. This movie that originated in the Philippines is a proof that this country never runs out of ideas on what movie to show.

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