This is another Filipino talent at its best. Marlisa Punzalan at her young age is already impressing people, Australian judges to be exact with her performance. What’s so amazing about her is that of all the contestants of X Factor Australia, she is the youngest with only 14. She is a simple school girl and one of her qualities is being shy which is inversely proportional to her talent in singing.

The mentor of Marlisa was Ronan Keating and he chose a song by Jessica Mauboy entitled “Never Be the Same” that she performed during the Boot Camp episode of the said reality talent contest. This young girl has given a lot of potentials for the contest that amazed everyone.

According to Marlisa, she worked hard for her performance and she took Keatingg’s advices. Her being obedient is one of the things that improved her. After her performance, Keating said “thank you, great job” which implies that Ronan was satisfied with her performance and she performed well.

Watch Marlisa Punzalan performed 'Never Be the Same' in X Factor Australia

It is still a must to wait for Keating’s home visit in order to know if Marlisa made it. Well, this is a very thrilling situation not only to Marlisa but also the fans and supporters out there. The other Pinoys were cut from the competition namely Erin Miranda, Justin Vasquez and Mary Anne van der Horst.

Well, this is a Filipino pride since the success of Marlina is also our success. If you have the chance to watch the X Factor Australia, it is good to watch this to experience more of Marlina. Hopefully she will win with our prayers and supports in different ways. We cannot underestimate the skills and talents of Filipinos. They are simply good and world-class. Fight Marlina!

Update: Marlisa Punzalan a Pinay Teen as One of the Top 10 Finalist of  the X factor Australia 2014

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