The controversy goes on in the life of folk singer Freddie Aguilar, and this time, the person involved is his daughter Maegan, whom he allegedly sent out of his home. Reports have said that the two had misunderstandings and issues that has greatly affected their relationship being father and daughter. Now, Maegan will face the people to clarify things, justify herself and speak about what happened for the people to understand.

The episode where Maegan will go out to take a post at the limelight will be today’s, Monday. We have seen in the trailer of the episode that there were several famous personalities who will have an appearance on the said show.  This is the Season 3 of Face the People and it will be aired at 10:15 AM on TV5.

Watch Maegan Aguilar on TV5 in Face the People Episode July 7, 2014

On the trailer, Maegan said “I’m not acting as a daughter anymore, but a mother to my children,” “I’m always quiet, I’m always standing on his side, and it didn’t matter, so now I’m talking” and this is something that we should watch so that we will know the story behind.

Will there be any settlement between Maegan and his father, or things may become more complex between them? Don’t miss this episode today as the story about the “Anak” singer and his daughter will once again occupy our senses. Face the People.  Will the truth unfold? Let’s see how Maegan will treat Ka Freddie’s wife who allegedly caused the commotion between them.

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