In this time when The Voice Kids is popular, we have watched how different kids from different walks of life and socio-economic condition tried to audition in order for them to be included in the list of possible winners. These kids gave their best in order to convince the coaches to pick them.

It is not new to us that during the competition, it is not just the talent of the kid that is exposed but also their life, think of Lyca, Tonton, Darlene and Darren who came from very simple family but very talented. Here now is another video that showcases talent from a Filipino girl selling rice cake or popularly known as bibingka in Filipino language. Looking at the girl in the video, we can see that she is still holding the bibingka on her hands while signing. Imagine how eager she is to make a living for her family. Children like her should be given a chance to become successful because of her talent. It only shows that talent is not based on status but on passion.

Filipino Girl Selling Rice Cake (Bibingka) While Singing 'Sayang na Sayang'
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The video was uploaded by Axel Sison and CenterTechNews put this also in its Youtube account in order to share to everyone that a girl like her exists. If you have the time to visit and watch the video, you can probably share so that the world may know about her.

In the video, the girl has shown a good pronunciation of words with crystal clear voice. While listening to the song, it tells a lot of stories untold about the life of the girl. Well, who knows? We might be able to see her someday on television. And for now, this is your chance to make a glimpse of her.

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