A video has been circulating in Facebook about the alleged response of Vic Sotto to Vice Ganda’s statement. In the said social networking site, there was this thumbnail of Vic Sotto and Vice Ganda with their corresponding statements bashing each other. Until now, the video is still there but the thing is when you click it, you will be directed somewhere. Vice Ganda said that it’s a hoax, just like a spreading messages on a mobile phone or on Facebook that when you click it, you will be attacked by a virus.

Vice Ganda Said the Viral Video Spreading Related with Vic Sotto is A Hoax

Well, this is true. It is really a hoax. And I advise you not to click on the spammy link that will allow you either to do surveys and the like. Protect your computer from any form of attack since there are people out there, actually smart people who are doing this kind of activity in order to make money online. Do not be the prey and make sure that you are well-protected.

Going back to the video, the two captions were: Vice Ganda sinabihang laos at inutil si Vic Sotto on air and Vic Sotto minura si Vice Ganda. Do not easily believe these things. Make a clever decision in clicking something in Facebook. Remember that this is a social networking site and there are so many people interacting. You might not know that there are eyes around ready to make you their prey. Be protected always, play safe.

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