Another Hoax news spotted circulating around the social media that talks about Vic Sotto is already dead. The news with photo spreading online with the caption “PAALAM NA BOSSING. SALAMAT SA MARAMING TAON MO SA EAT BULAGA” are not true.

Please take note that if someone will die specially for a known artist like Vic Sotto, normally the news will easily spread not just online but on televisions and other mass media as well. If you have seen news such s this and you would like to clarify if it is true or not, you can resort to online newspapers or tabloids if there is already an article, preferably a news article released about the issue.

About Vic Sotto False News Dead Hoax
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The image below will show if you are going to click the link that talks About Vic Sotto False News Dead Hoax.

Well, going back to the photo, it is a fake! And you should not believe it. If you will click on it, you might be in peril. Do not just believe any type of news because false spread online easily nowadays. Remember the news lately about Miriam SantiagoClaudine Barretto, Bong Revilla Jr. and Aga Muhlach. They were just unreal news.

Previously, A video has been circulating in Facebook about the alleged response of Vic Sotto to Vice Ganda’s statement. In the said social networking site, there was this thumbnail of Vic Sotto and Vice Ganda with their corresponding statements bashing each other. Until now, the video is still there but the thing is when you click it, you will be directed somewhere. Vice Ganda said that it’s a hoax, just like a spreading messages on a mobile phone or on Facebook that when you click it, you will be attacked by a virus.

This is an old scheme in social media that we should be aware of. In some cases, there are malicious contents and viruses sent to the computer of the one who is able to click the link and we should be aware of this in order to safeguard our computers and accounts. You have to verify first if the link is legit. You can probably ask someone who has an idea about the link so that you will not become an online moneymaker’s prey. Reference: thedailypedia

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  1. As this post says, you shouldn't add anyone that you don't know.

    But I'd take it a step further and say, "Don't add someone that you know... but you don't trust."

    Every friend on Facebook is given a daily subscription to your life. Do you trust all your Facebook friend's with that kind of information?