A tsunami scare hoax circulated in Candelaria, Quezon and San Juan, Batangas that caused the death of a 64 year old woman named Julieta Panoso. The scare hoax started when a text message was sent and spread all throughout the area that made the people rush to a safe place for fear that they might get caught in a tsunami experience. The said tsunami according to the text message will come from the Tayabas Bay.

According to Dr. Henry Busar of the Quezon Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (PDRRMC), the news about Tsunami warning was a hoax. According to him, the probable cause of the change in water level was the passing of typhoon Henry. Whenever there is a news like this, the people should see to it that the source is reliable. Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) Director Renato Solidum said that the reason for a tsunami is usually earthquake.

Tsunami Scare Hoax Circulated in Candelaria, Quezon and San Juan, Batangas

News hoax are usually created to confuse people that is why it is important to know them. According to news, the area where the hoax information spread doesn't have water areas. This is enough reason not to easily believe in the text message spreading about a certain news.

With what happened, it is important that people should be educated to be able to respond wisely to situations such as this. Normally, one indication that a tsunami might occur is the sudden decrease in the level of water since it has moved. This is because of a strong earthquake on the seabed that eventually made the water move forward and backward abruptly. In the situation in Quezon, it was low tide during that time and that is not due to the fact that an earthquake has happened on the seabed. The authorities are now finding ways to know who sent the said hoax message.

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