The issue on scandal that involved Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili made the doctor lost his medical license. After years of not having his medical license, he finally has it back after his application of reinstatement in December 2013. The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) was the one who handed it back to him.

Hayden Kho was seen being with Dr. Ravi Zacharias which is a religious leader believed to be responsible for his reformation. Hayden is nowadays active in his religious activities and there is a news spreading that he is already a pastor, if that is reliable.

Trending News: Hayden Kho Got His Medical License Back

Hayden thanked God for giving him a second chance. We have seen that after the scandalous video that spread in 2009 and followed by other videos, there was no news about Hayden that has something to do with scandals. And since there was a change in his life that has seen, Hayden was given another chance to practice his profession once again.

Though there are people who are happy with Hayden’s achievements, there are also those who are not, especially on the camp of Katrina Halili who said that the release of his license was hastened by the PRC.

The story about the scandal that spread years ago was long forgotten already. And since this is what happened to Hayden Kho, what do you think about the decision of PRC? Is it okay to release his license this quick or not? You are free to leave your comment below and let us discuss.

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