Facebook has so many uses. It can be a source of information, fun and communication. With our Facebook accounts, we try as much as possible to maximize our usage of this social networking site by doing the things that we want like playing games, uploading pictures and videos, chatting, and many more. There is no doubt over Facebook ability to make life easier for people nowadays. But beware of identity theft in Facebook. Yes, there is such thing as this.

An identity theft will copy your information and create another account or make use of these information to fool others. Do not be a victim of this. Here are things you need to consider in order for you to avoid becoming a Facebook theft’s prey.

Beware of Identity Theft in Facebook

Do not add as friend people you do not know. Check first the identity of the person you are adding – the mutual friends, address, etc.

Limit the kinds of people who can view your profile. You can make a setting wherein your friends are the only ones who can view your profile and it is better to keep it that way.

Do not upload sensitive and eye catching photos. You might be tempted to upload the best photo of yours especially if you look good in it but think of this for a while: do not upload sexy pictures, they are too eye catching and are subject to such activities.

If you notice any unusual activity, you have the power to remove the person you suspect to be doing some kind of anomaly.

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