It is hard to do something to finish what you have started with a procrastinating habit. Once you are caught in this kind of situation, it is barely possible to get out of it unless you will exert efforts to invert it. Is crushing the procrastination habit possible? I think, yes. Here are ways how:

Keep a calendar of your activities. The very first reason why procrastination happens is that you are not able to keep a calendar of your activities and you seem to remember them in your mind. When you are in a situation wherein you are trying to recall the things to do and keep a critical thinking of it, you are in trouble. You should have a good time management.

Tips for Crushing the Procrastination Habit

Do it when you seem to think of not doing it. The key to successful battle with procrastination is pushing yourself to do what you are supposed to do. Your body will pull you into your couch or tempt you over something else to do but learn to say NO. If you will give in to these things, you will find out that you are losing control of your activities. Be on guard of where your senses are leading you.

 Keep a physically fit body. If you are having problems with your health, you will find it hard to mobilize it the way it should be moving to finish your task. Soon you will have to stop for a while until you will decide not to continue anymore with what you have started. 

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