One of the most sensational topics and hottest issues in showbiz nowadays is the releasing of photos of actress Claudine Barretto with wounds and bruises wherein she allegedly claimed that she was maltreated or abused. The first set of photos that was uploaded in social media were the photos showing the wounds and bruises in Claudine’s thigh and then a few days after, the face was next wherein according to the lawyer of Claudine, she covered the bruises with makeup because she wanted to keep herself beautiful. Despite of the issue, Raymart’s camp did not make any comment unless he will directly be addressed as the responsible for abusing her. And finally, here comes Raymart’s revelation about Claudine Barretto with wounds and bruises.

The Truth Behind Claudine’s Bruises Revealed by Raymart Santiago

Now, five photos are circulating online through a certain social networking site wherein Claudine Barretto with a headgear and bandage on her cheeks taken during the Holy Week 2010, this was according to the actor. The photos were emailed to ABS-CBNnews. The photos were showing that Claudine was happily fellowshipping with her family and Raymart’s family according to Santiago’s camp is impossible to be battered as implied by the caption.

Since the photos are already uploaded and shared and both camps have their own claim about the truth on Claudine’s bruises, let us see what might happen next on the case. Claudine’s taking photos of her bruises and uploading them according to her is in order to stand for those who are battered. This has gathered a lot of several opinions from the public, especially netizens.

Claudine charged Raymart of not supporting financially their kids after their separation in July 2013. Since Raymart’s camp has spoken up about the issue, any revelation will be published here for you to be updated. Which camp do you think is saying the truth?

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