Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines, As of July 14 as aired by ABS-CBN TV Patrol, the alleged 3-year-old Filipino girl that said risen from dead on her funeral day is not true.

In the town of Aurora in Zamboanga del Sur lies San Isidro Parish Church where the controversy about a girl who allegedly rose from the dead took place. This was considered to be a miracle since it rarely happens and the girl was already pronounced dead for 24 hours already.

The news has spread instantly online with a viral video that really shocked the people. Acute bronchopneumonia or the inflammation of the lungs was the cause of death of the girl who went through medications before dying. Because of the believed going back to life of the girl, many claimed that she has resurrected.

The Story Behind the 3-Year Old Girl Who Allegedly Rose from the Dead on Her Funeral

Though the girl went back to life for a short time, a news is now circulating about the death of the girl. When she was checked, there were no vital signs already and the family was advised to bury the body of the girl since it was already producing a foul smell.

There are things in this life that is hard to explain especially the phenomenon of the girl who believed to have went back to life. For the family of the girl, we extend our condolences. The bigger issue now is with regards to the conversation of the priest and the family wherein there was a news circulating that it was the priest who sent the baby home since she was alive but he is denying it and he claims that there was no conversation that happened between him and the family of the girl.

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