This is the next and final level of competition for the 4 young artists who made it to the Finals of The Voice Kids Philippines with hashtag #TheVoiceKidsFinale since they will be competing live on July 26, 2014. The four kids will face each other on the live finale at at the Resorts World Manila, Pasay City on Newport Performing Arts, Theater. The viewers have a part in choosing the winners for the said competition. The grand champion will receive 1 million pesos plus a recording contract of one year from MCA Universal.

The Voice Kids Live Finals has started and it has marked the near end or conclusion of the reality singing competition that has started with the blind audition. From thousands of aspirants on the said competition, it has now brought down to four and they are competing for the crown.

Update: Summary of The Voice Kids Finale July 27, 2014 with hashtag #TheVoiceKidsFinale

Summary of The Voice Kids Finale July 26, 2014 with hashtag #TheVoiceKidsFinale

The start of the show was a bit “rock” by nature since the four young artists sang OPM rock hits of Spongecola, Sandwich and Rocksteddy. They sang Bitiw, Superhero and Sugod that really made the audience go crazy about them.

The competing four young artists are as follows:

Who will be the winner for The Voice Kids PH 2014 Edition?
Lets find out this Weekend!

Summary of The Voice Kids Finale July 26, 2014 with hashtag #TheVoiceKidsFinale

1. Juan Karlos Labajo performed 'Yesterday' on Power Ballad Rounds and 'Runaway Baby' on Upbeat Song Round

The first part of the competition was the pure ballad segment wherein the young artists will have to sing a ballad or slow music of their choice and the second would be the upbeat song and this is also according to their discretion. To wrap things up, here is what happened during the night on the corresponding young artist.
Starting with Juan Karlos, he sang Yesterday of The Beatles that really gave the chills to the audience. He sang the song beautifully that made his coach very proud of him. What’s good about his performance was he cried at the end of it. The coaches went emotional over this. On the upbeat part, Juan Karlos sang “Runaway Baby” which is his coach’s choice. Coach Lea said that she has seen how Juan Karlos will look like five years from now.

Darren chose his own song. This is something distinct of him from the three. He chose “Ngayon” that really proved how good he is in singing. The fans of Darren shouted out loud during his performance especially on the high notes. Coach Lea said he was good looking and a good singer. She even warned also the idols of Darren that he will be able to surpass them someday. His coach Sarah said that despite the fact that Darren is good, he has never been over confident and complacent over his performance. Darren sang “Somebody to Love” that made the coaches smile.

Darlene sang “Sana’y Wala Ng Wakas” that made her coach very proud of her. Darlene was complimented by Bamboo despite the fact that she was lost on the first part of the song. She tried her best in order to go back to the right key after that. With regards to the upbeat, Darlene sang 'Louder' that brought out her energy.

Lyca impressed he crowd with her version of “Narito Ako” wherein coach Sarah directed her. According to coach Bamboo, he liked Lyca’s gesture since she was so funny on the stage with a crystal clear voice. Coach Sarah said that there are so many people who love her. In terms of her upbeat song, Lyca sang “Call Me Maybe” that caught the curiosity and interest of the audience. Lyca has so many fans out there who are ready to support her.

Who will win in the competition? Well, we can tell that tomorrow. If you would like to support any of the four kids, you can cast your votes through texting and making use of internet. Here are the formats:

Text VOICE <NAME OF ARTIST> and send to 2331 for ABS-CBN Mobile, Globe, TM and Sun Cellular subscribers, 231 for Smart and Talk ‘N Text Subscribers. ONE VOTE PER SIM PER ROUND.
If you would like to do this online, you can visit THEVOICE.ABS-CBN.COM and vote for the artists. You can make five votes per email account per day.

Just follow the instructions that the hosts of the show are giving every night. Keep watching The Voice Kids Finals as the conclusion is about to unfold.

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