Actors Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini are the ones who will make your day with a movie entitled “The Gentleman’s Wager” by Johnnie Walker Blue Label which is one the of the best whiskies in the world today of course from Johnnie Walker - the best maker.

The movie trailer features two men on a yacht talking while drinks was served. This is something to look forward to as two of the best actors of today will star in the said movie. With the trailer of the movie, it is still early to predict the outcome but this is surely one of the most looked forward to movies of the year. The trailer is just short, and according to a report wherein Jude Law talked about his involvement in the film, he said that The film is about improvement and progress and this is something he tried to do in his work and life. He also added that he had to learn new skills through the shooting of this film that combined with the places they visited and shot in. He emphasized that working with Jake and Giancarlo made it a truly rare experience. This is truly a must to watch.

The Gentleman’s Wager Movie Review Presented by Johnnie Walker Blue Label

The thing is, the whole film can be watched in on July 30, 2014. This is something that you should not miss. Johnnie Waker is about to give a whole new experience to the viewers and also to those who are patronizing the product for a long time. Get updated about Johnnie Walker via their official website, Facebook or Twitter account.

This article has been sponsored by Johnnie Walker, but all thoughts are owned by CEnterTechNews.

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