A short video is now spreading online through a social media about a woman named Evelyn Sia who allegedly was accused of shoplifting in a certain department store, Shopwise, to be exact. This department store is located in Antipolo and the video was uploaded by Liezel Guevarra Adordionisio. The incident took place on June 30, 2014 wherein according to the woman, she was wrongly accused of shoplifting and that brought her humiliation.

The story is when she was about to exit from the department store, she was stopped by the security guard and asked her to present her receipt. She then said that her mother had her receipt but the thing is she went to a nearby store so she was not able to hold the receipt and present it.

A Public Apology Set by Shopwise on July 15 for Wrongly Accused of Shoplifting Named Evelyn Sia

Since her explanation was not accepted by the guards, she was then assisted to the Security Office. This made the woman feel bad about being accused of doing such thing. The management instantly did something to settle the issue, in fact, they went to her house. But despite of this, the woman demanded something for the department store to do, and that is by means of public apology.

Compelled to settle the issue, Michelle del Rosario of Buensalido and Associates Public Relations said that the alleged department store will issue a public apology for Sia. The said apology will take place in July 15. Mr. Kerwin Legarder, Vice President of Shopwise also spoke about the issue according to ABS-CBN News.

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