There is a shocking revelation inside the PBB House and it has something to do with Fifth’s sexuality. But before that, the housemates had the opportunity to meet two of the hosts of the show namely Robi and John. They entered the house to mingle with them. Aside from mingling, the hosts were able to render to the housemates the feedbacks and comments of the outside world regarding their attitudes inside the house that really shocked them and some bothered them.

Robi was reading about the comments without mentioning any name of the housemate but they are free to guess, when a red envelope was handed to him to read. The red envelope contains the good news wherein he was allowed to get out of the house while the black envelope that contains the bad news was handed to John telling him to stay inside the house. In the end, the two were able to get out of the house but before that, they were able to give their opinions regarding who among the housemates is being true to his or himself and both of them answered Loisa.

Shocking Revelation About the Issue on Fifth Solomon’s Sexuality

Going back to the issue of sexuality since Fifth said that he was bullied outside and called “gay” because of how he moves was close to telling the truth about him. The most shocking revelation was when he said that he was “bisexual.” This has shocked the housemates and the most exciting part is when he will be able to talk to his twin. The question is, what will be Fourth’s reaction on this?

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