Taking “selfie” is a common activity nowadays especially to those who have mobile phones with front camera. Lately, a student died by falling from stairs while taking selfie. She is a third year student from Rizal High School. According to reports, she allegedly felt dizzy while taking selfie and went unconscious. And since she positioned at the stairs of the said school, she fell from it that caused her death.

The school now is conducting investigations on the possible cause of her death and her family was greatly sorrowed for the loss of their member. One of the things that brought confusion to the issue is the details that the adviser of the 14-year-old student and the doctor are saying. They have conflicting statements.

High School Student Passed Away After Falling From Stairs While Taking Selfie

According to Arturo de Leon, when he was called by the adviser of the student last Monday, she said that the girl was undergoing CPR already and he felt complacency that his niece was okay and there was only a minor injury. But this is not the statement of the doctor for he said that the girl was brought on the hospital dead on arrival. And this is the issue now that is subject to investigation.

The family is thinking of charging the school for what happened to their member. If we are going to look at the issue, the incident happened during school hours inside the school premise but not inside he classroom. It was like a break time for the students.

The student’s mother is asking for possible witnesses for what happened in order to solve the issue. The issue is still under the investigation and there are so many insights written about this and the news went even viral online.

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