Samsung Galaxy S4 Mobile Phone Burns and Melted Issue: You might think there is weird but it did happen and the story goes like this. Ariel Tolfree has a Samsung Galaxy S4 and she loves using it due to the different kinds of applications it runs and also the quality of its specifications. One tragic incident happened inside the residence of the Tolfree when Ariel’s mobile phone was burned so badly. Looking at the mobile phone, it is hard to recognize that it is a Samsung Galaxy S4 since it has totally melted.

According to her, the phone slipped under her pillow while she was slipping and she smelled something like burning but she didn’t mind. When she woke up one morning, she found out that her phone was totally burned, almost unrecognizable. It was suspected that the battery of the phone might have overheated and caused fire.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mobile Phone Burned and Melted

The Tolfree family reported the incident to Samsung as reported by myfoxdfw. The company then explained that when they checked the mobile phone, the battery was not original and only a replacement. They have warned the people to be careful when using replacement batteries since there is a chance of exploding when covered inside the beddings. This is also listed in the warning in the user manual of the mobile phone wherein they didn’t read.

May this be a warning to those who are fond of using mobile phones over night. Make sure that the mobile phone is not placed in the most critical part of the bed since this incident might happen again. Be sure not to plug-in the mobile phone when using and it is also not advisable to plug it in overnight. Read the manual first before using the mobile phone especially when it is new. This is to avoid incidents like this that might cause fatality. Be aware.

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