Cristine Reyes is quitting sexy films. Yes, this is true and you might be thinking, what goes into the mind of this actress. Well, the intentions are good. Cristine would like to become a good role model, nothing less, nothing more. She wanted to become a model to her nieces and nephews since they look forward to her. This is a very good decision for Cristine, indeed.

It was reported that Cristine has a non-showbiz boyfriend and she clarified that her changing of image is not due to her boyfriend but because of her faith. Cristine has changed a lot and she is not afraid that she will lose her job for making a decision. The 25-year-old actress claimed that breaks might become slow after making a decision but she is not afraid if that happens. Cristine according to her is not promoting Trophy Wife that is why this issue came up, it’s just that she loves her nephews and nieces so much.

The Reason Why Cristine Reyes Abandoning Sexy Films

Cristine has appeared on several daring films with sexy roles. And right now things will gonna change. The challenge here is about changing image. And I do believe that Cristine has the capacity to act well on every genre. She is a very talented and beautiful actress and there is no doubt that projects will come to her despite the fact that she has decided to change her image.

This is a good action by the said actress since she wanted to become a good role model and we do hope and pray that she will be able to achieve her goals. Cristine Reyes will always be an actress and a good one, though she will do sexy films or not. This kind of decision is very rare among actresses and we salute Cristine for this.

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