Stars on 45 contestant Charito Miguel fell off stage during her performance of Pussycat Dolls’ “Buttons.” The video immediately became sensational and made people react. Well, here is CenterTechNews’ reaction on what happened.

First and foremost, we would like to say that we are not in control of everything that might happen. Well, we believe the management of It’s Showtime did not want such accident to happen, things were purely technical problems.

Reaction on 'It’s Showtime' Contestant Charito Miguel’s Falling Off Stage

With regards to Miguel’s performance, two-thumbs up on that. She performed well with energy and enthusiasm. She has practiced well in order to bring out her talent but unfortunately, she fell. It was not an easy fall since her back went against the stair. She might be hurt during that time but still she managed to finish her performance and that got the hearts of the audience who kept clapping their hands while Miguel was performing.

Miguel did not stop. She chose to not mind the pain on her body just for the sake of entertainment, or, suffice it to say, just for the sake of finishing her task. We can learn a lot of lessons from what happened. We can surely reflect on that. There are things in life that we don’t want to happen because they are so painful if they will. But sometimes we cannot avoid circumstances, and like Miguel, we fall. We fall into the pit of our problems; we fall into the decoy of our misfortunes.

And despite of all those things, we try to stand like Miguel. We try to stand just to finish our tasks. And we try to stand just to make other people happy. CenterTechNews is very proud of Miguel for a job well done. She is really a strong woman.

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