Claudine Barretto’s issues regarding the wounds and bruises on her face and thigh have gone far due to the exchanging of uploaded photos by the two camps. The first photos were from Claudine’s camp wherein the wounds and bruises from her thigh were exposed through a photo shoot. At first, the camp of Raymart was unable to react on the said photos due to the fact that it was not directed to them.

Next, Raymart’s camp posted photos of Claudine Barretto in fellowship with her family and friends both from Raymart and her family’s side with a bandage on her face. Claudine was smiling on the photos and it seems like Raymart’s camp is trying to say that that was not the face of a battered wife since Claudine claimed that she is standing for the right of abused women.

Raymart’s Reaction is Funny According to Claudine Barretto’s Legal Counsel

And here comes the reaction of Claudine’s legal counsel to the photos posted by Santiago’s camp. Atty. Ferdinand Topacio, Barretto’s legal counsel said “defensive much?” This is due to the photos that Raymart’s camp uploaded before as reported on abs-cbn news. According to the lawyer, they did not manipulate the face of Claudine with regards to the bruises. Another thing is that they did not accuse anyone of doing such thing to her. The legal counsel said that Santiago’s camp is very defensive on this matter.

The issue about Claudine’s bruises has escalated and comments are everywhere. In addition to the statement of Topacio regarding to the photos uploaded by Santiago’s camp, he said that they prove nothing.

We have known that Claudine and Raymart separated in 2013 after several issues have affected their relationship. Barretto also has a complaint on Santiago’s being unable to support his children. Both camps are trying to resolve the issue but they want to find out something.

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