Manila, Philippines. July 3, 2014; Lamudi is once again offering something for people who would like to have a relaxation in the country that will give someone the chance to live a high life like a football superstar on 2014 FIFA World Cup. This is essential to those who are stressed of their jobs and the like. If you have the budget, you can avail the following properties offered by Lamudi, the largest and leading real estate website. To give you an insight of the said properties and other information that you need to know to start availing, here they are.

These Properties by Lamudi Can Make You Live Like a World Cup 2014 Superstar

The thing is you can have the following:

The price of this is 65,000,000 Philippine peso or that is $1.43 million USD. What makes it goo to avail this is its ceiling-to-floor glass doors, marble flooring and a large private terrace that will truly make your day and make you feel like a famous person living in a private resort. Seeing the Bulabog Beach will reduce your anxiety as you unwind with your own beach resort.

The price of this is 88,719,336,379 Philippine peso or that is $ 1,951,825,400 USD. Imagine having a property of ten thousand hectare island with interesting rock formations surrounded by clear blue waters. This is quite big.

The price of this is 62,000,000 Philippine peso or that is $ 1,364,000 USD. This is located in Metro Manila with its narra and kamagong woodwork features.  If you are into gardens, you can unwind in its nature-like view that will certainly feel like a huge personality.

The price is 10,000,000 Philippine peso or that is $ 220,000 USD. The southern part of the Philippines has so many good and astounding views. If you would like to stay in Cebu, you can avail this one and you will have the best experience of the lifetime.

The price is 750,000,000 Philippine peso or that is $ 16,500,000 USD. Living in a certain mansion in Makati is one of every person’s dreams. Imagine the progressive place accommodating you and placing you at one of its peak mansions.

To know more about Lamudi, we have already released a review of Lamudi company. The review was about the released Android App along with the details about the company.

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