Piolo Pascual, one of the most talented actors nowadays has declared that he will be ending his career in ABS-CBN. We have known the actor for such a long time that has appeared in so many soap operas, movies and other shows on television. Because of working that long, Piolo would like to spend time with his sun Iñigo who will be turning 18 soon.

Piolo said that he wanted to quit showbiz before but because of his insistent son who said that he wanted to see more of his father on television, Piolo continued working with ABS-CBN. Also, things have changed when he appeared in a movie with Toni Gonzaga entitled “Starting Over Again” that eventually became a huge hit.

Piolo Pascual to End His Career with ABS-CBN?

The singer, actor and model said that he maybe has decided to quit showbiz abruptly and he needed to consider a lot of things. Anyways, Piolo would like to give to himself and his son because he felt that he was losing it. He then claimed that it is about time management.

Piolo has a new teleserye in ABS-CBN entitled “Hawak Kamay” wherein he will be working with Iza Calzado who is also his co-star in the movie “Starting Over Again.”  This gave him excitement knowing the fact that he will be once again in the television showing his craft that he enjoyed the most.

Will Piolo be exiting showbiz and quitting ABS-CBN? We will let you know about his final decision soon. Source: ABS-CBN

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