Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode July 31, 2014: Yesterday’s episode depicted about the entry of Piolo Pascual inside the house along with the YOLO moment and challenging tasks that Big Brother gave to the housemates to fulfill. This time, there were so many things that took place inside the house including the emotional moment when Joshua expressed her feelings with Jane.

The scenario was Joshua and Jane was sitting on a chair fronting a dining table. Joshua tried to bring Jane into a conversation because he wanted to say to Jane what she felt about her. There were laughing between the two and Joshua found it hard to speak until finally he succeeded. Jane was surprised because according to her it was her first time to have a conversation such as that. Big Brother confronted the two in separate circumstances and dealt with the issue. The two heard advises from Big Brother.
Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode July 31, 2014 #‎PBBYouOnlyLiveOnce‬

On the other hand, Vickie did a first move for her YOLO moment to settle her relationship with Jason Abalos. Big Brother said that he will give the two of them the chance to talk to each other. And in order for that to happen, Vickie has to go through a particular task that Big Brother will give her. The task will determine how long the two of them will be given a chance to talk. And on the part of Jason, it depends upon him if he will arrive or not.

Manolo, Loisa and Maris were given a special task by Big Brother and they needed to sleep at the confession room without the knowledge of their fellow housemates. Manolo said that this is a “slumber party” but that was just part of the plan. The next day the housemates went to a certain destination and without their knowledge, Manolo, Maris and Loisa were already there first.

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