Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode July 29, 2014 #concerthangUBER: This is the continuation of what has been started yesterday as the housemates start their task of saving one from nomination. Each housemate was given a chance to save whom they like to save. If they have a choice already, they have to put a “ligtas” necklace on the housemate.

Because of what happened, this became an issue to two of the housemates who are so close to each other: Joshua and Jane. For the record, Fifth chose Manolo, Manolo chose Daniel, Daniel chose Vickie, Loisa chose Maris, Maris, Vickie and Joshua chose Loisa. Of the housemates, three of them were not chosen: Jane, Fifth and Joshua. Jane preferred not choosing anyone and on the other hand, Joshua had a problem with her since she was expecting that Joshua will pick her. Jan expressed her emotion to Big Brother.
 Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode July 29, 2014 ‪#‎PBBLigtask‬

The housemates were tasked to count the total number of each animal that is put inside a cage. There were 4 cages all in all and they have to go through the obstacle to this under time pressure. The cages were as follows:

Cage 1: Guinea pigs
Cage 2: Superworms
Cage 3: Frogs
Cage 4: Snakes

With the abovementioned cages, the housemates should see to it that they have the right count on what were on the cages. They went through the obstacles facing their fears. Though the housemates tried their best to count well the animals on the cages, they still failed on some. Fifth completed the task for Manolo but he failed for he counted 101 instead of 99. Manolo became successful and saved Daniel, Daniel saved Vickie, Joshua saved Loisa, and Loisa saved Maris.

It was one of the toughest tasks the housemates went through. The right answer for the total number of counts is 99 and the breakdown are as follows: Guinea pigs = 28, superworms = 31, frogs: 17 and snakes = 24.

The housemates were given a chance to save others and some of them became successful while others did not. As a result of the said task, the nominated for this week are Manolo, Fifth, Jane and Joshua. This is a tough one for them since next week, one of the housemates will have to step out of the house. The PBB house is becoming a survival ground for the housemates and who will survive and be included in the final four?

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