Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode July 27, 2014: There are still several performances of the housemates and they will be introduced Tonight. Maris expressed her emotion during that time and she didn't expect her father to cry that way.

The Sunday episode of Pinoy Big Brother All In this week is a continuation of what happened yesterday, specifically on the concert of the housemates where Jason Gainza, Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales were the judges. Recalling the rules, the housemates should see to it that they have a good performance so that the curtains will not close. Once the curtain is closed because the judges have pulled it, it means to say that the performance is a failure.

Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode July 27, 2014 #PBBBestConcertEver

The start of the performance of the housemates on the evening was a dance number on Vice Ganda’s hit “Boom Panes.” There was Vice who joined them during the performance. The judges were entertained that is why they were not able to close the curtain.

It was followed by a performance by Fifth and Vickie wherein they sang the song “Wind Beneath My Wings” with funny background dancers Daniel and Maris. It was Vickie’s dream of singing the song that she dedicated to her mother. Sadly, the curtain was closed by the judges because they did not like the background dancers. According to them, the concept was not appropriate.

Manolo’s dance number was next. Despite the fact that it was hard for him to dance, he did his best and the judges appreciated him. Manolo danced hip hop along with Joshua and Jane and it ended well. Manolo then said to himself that he is now a dancer.

The next performance of the housemates was the singing of their compositions entitled “Turtle Song,” “Teenage Love,” and “Ahon Kapamilya” on which they did well. They have made a medley of the songs that worked out. They had a wonderful performance and the judges liked it. 

The singing of Pinoy Ako and other related songs was the last performance of the housemates. This time, they improvised instruments and blended them well to the melody and rhythm of their songs. The housemates enjoyed this portion of their concert and Fifth danced very well. The judges liked it and they said that they liked how the instruments were mixed along with the distinct concept of the performance.

The housemates were congratulated by Big Brother for a successful task. This is due to the fact that they only had one closed curtain performance. The last part of this Sunday’s episode was the announcement of Big Brother that all the housemates are nominated for eviction but they still have a chance to erase their names from the nominees.

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  1. The result of the Voice Kids Philippines is very disappointing and frustrating. I wish franchise of the Voice Phils will be revoked. Its so annoying that winners of this show are not deserving. You advertised it with "BOSES ANG PUHUNAN" and yet the result does not justify it.

  2. Congratulations Lyca as the vote kids Philippines....Congratulations Darren as the Voice Kids Philippines.

  3. You may be right on your point that "BOSES ANG PUHUNAN" on the contest, but voting is a part of the contest which affects the result. This situation happens many times and I concluded that the result is fare for everyone.


  5. Sa pagkanta, talagang si Darren ang dapat naging champion, pero maawain ang Pinoy at boto ang final say. Para lang sa sarili ko, kay Darren ako.

  6. but how do we know whether the Vote result is true where in fact its only the ranking was being transpired.

  7. yan siguro ang question dyan about the actual vote count. Pero sa pagkakaalam ko merong DTI na nakabantay sa ganyang mga contest. So they are not allowed to manipulate the winner.

  8. Ang result ba ay 100% galing lang sa text at on line votes ng mga audience?

  9. Yes dun lang po, it is not based on performances ng mga contestant. Meaning kung sino ang maraming supporters sya ang nanalo.