Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode July 26, 2014 #PBBTheBigConcert; The July 26 Episode of Pinoy Big Brother All In  showcases the talents of the housemates not just on themselves but also on the things that they have taught to their fellow housemates. The leader for the task “The Big Concert” of the housemates were Maris and Manolo.

Today, the housemates went through a few things including the misunderstanding of Fifth and Maris regarding the task and also on the part of Jane and Joshua. In the end, the issues were settled and they pushed through with the concert, but first, they needed to do something. Maris has to train Daniel to play guitar, Joshua and Jane have to train Manolo how to dance, and many more.

Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode July 26, 2014 #PBBTheBigConcert

Maris was given a task to climb a giant guitar in order to put the string. She was given an hour and a half in order to complete the task. The number of strings that she will be able to put in the guitar determined the number of family members she will be jamming with in the concert. It was a tough task for Maris as it hurt her physically. He was helped by Daniel, one of the housemates because she has chosen him to do this for her. Two ropes were put by Maris and one for Daniel. It means to say that three of her family members will join her in their 6th production number. Before the concert, Big Brother allowed them to shop to choose their attires.
Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode July 26, 2014 #PBBTheBigConcert

On the concert night, three judges were introduced namely Jayson Gainza, Enchong Dee, and Erich Gonzales. The rule was if they didn’t like the show, they will pull the curtains to stop the performance. The housemates danced and sing as well on their first production number with the tune “Born this Way.” The judges liked their performance.

Secondly, Daniel and Maris sang Just the Way You Are with Daniel playing the guitar. Maris was given a chance to jam with her family on the third production number singing her favorite song in the PBB house. There was a reunion between three of Maris’ family members and her. Everyone was emotional that time wherein they hugged each other for 100 seconds.

Maris expressed her emotion during that time and she didn’t expect her father to cry that way. There are still several performances of the housemates and they will be introduced tomorrow.

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