Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode July 25, 2014 #uber18: This is still the continuation of the celebration of Jane’s debut. The visitors were there inside, enjoying the food and the conversation. Suddenly, ex-housemate Nichole gave something to Manolo. It was a heart shaped steel with her face in it. Manolo appreciated Nichole’s simple gift to him. Manolo will put the steel heart to his bag. The housemates together with the visitors were able to meet and greet each other. When the mother of Jane approached each and every housemate, Joshua was shy.

One of the visitors of Jane on her birthday, actually the unexpected was Gerald Teng of DLSU basketball team. Big Brother talked to him and welcomed him inside the PBB house. Big Brother even asked how was his basketball playing. Big Brother asked him about his relationship with Jane and he said that they were friends and he asked her to go out before but they never had a typical date. Jane told the story about Gerald several times already.
Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode July 25, 2014 #‎PBBPaanoNaKaya‬

Gerald went inside the house and Jane had a mixed emotions. According to her, she was touched and flattered. He gave Jane a rose and they danced. When Big Brother asked Jane about her relationship with Gerald, she said that they were just friends. 

Joshua, on the other hand said that he was happy that the 18 roses was completed because Gerald came. In the episode, the face of Joshua was focused eveytime Gerald gets closer to Jane. The celebration of Jane’s debut was awesome.

Previously on Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode July 24, 2014 #uberGoinDalagaJuly 24th is a very special episode for the housemates especially for Jane since it is focused more on her debut. Before that, the housemates did a lot of tasks in order to materialize their desire to give Jane a good celebration of her debut. And they succeeded with their plans. The thing is they kept Jane inside the ladies’ room for several hours along with Maris in order for them to prepare everything outside for the celebration that evening including the designs, foods, etc. It was Manolo and Loisa whom Big Brother called in the confession room to plan for the debut of Jane.

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