Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode July 24, 2014  #uberGoinDalaga. Tonight 
is the debut celebration for Jane and it was prepared secretly by other housemates. Let's watch and see how they exerted their effort for this big celebration on 18th birthday of Jane.

Today, July 24th is a very special episode for the housemates especially for Jane since it is focused more on her debut. Before that, the housemates did a lot of tasks in order to materialize their desire to give Jane a good celebration of her debut. And they succeeded with their plans. The thing is they kept Jane inside the ladies’ room for several hours along with Maris in order for them to prepare everything outside for the celebration that evening including the designs, foods, etc. It was Manolo and Loisa whom Big Brother called in the confession room to plan for the debut of Jane.
Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode July 24, 2014 #uberGoinDalaga

The housemates then dressed Jane assuming that there is a certain kind of “play” that they need to practice wherein Jane was supposedly the main character. Jane was clueless during that time when they were dressing her since he didn't know what the play was all about. The housemates dressed Jane beautifully and brought her to the pool area for a debut surprise. The housemates were also dressed with what Big Brother has prepared for them to wear. They greeted Jane a happy birthday and she was emotional during that time. While the housemates were busy celebrating Jane’s birthday, Big Brother suddenly interrupted them and told them to enter a tunnel to a certain room inside the house except for Jane.
Pinoy Big Brother Update PBB All In Episode July 24, 2014 #PBBGoinDalaga

The housemates then found themselves in a beautifully furnished and designed room with all the foods, tarpaulins, chairs, music, etc. arranged to give Jane a grand celebration of her debut. Suddenly, Robi Domingo went out of the back stage to host the celebration. The housemates were shouting with joy for seeing such a wonderful set-up of the place. 
 celebration on 18th birthday of Jane #PBBGoinDalaga

Robi called on a lot of important people in Jane’s life who greeted her. Among the people who greeted Jane were Kiray Celis, Ella Cruz, Eliza Pineda, Noemi Oineza, Jennifer Oineza, Charles Oineza, Diego Loyzaga, Paul Salas, Nash Aguas, Jaime Aquino, Axel Torres, Erwin Oineza and all the housemates both in and out of the house. They greeted Jane in an inspiring way.

Joshua’s face was highlighted several times during the episode for his reaction on guys who danced Jane. There are still a lot to come for the celebration of Jane’s debut that will be continued tomorrow. Let’s see what will happen next as the debut continued. Happy birthday Jane!

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