On the July 22, 2014 episode of Pinoy Big Brother All In, a recap of what happened last week was aired. Yesterday, Vice Ganda entered the PBB house because he wanted to share the evening with them. They did a lot of things and made fun together. Aside from that, he was able so share his life to the housemates and inspired them through his insights and lessons learned in life. This time, Vice continued his goal inside the PBB House.

In a conversation with the housemates, Vice said that he has a huge crush with Daniel. But the thing is he doesn’t want the people know about this because he might be judged. He related the lesson learned on this one to the life of each and every housemate and they were learning well.

Big Brother suddenly called Loisa and Vickie inside the confession room for an instruction. The two were advised by Big Brother to render the message to other housemates regarding their task which is to color a teddy bear and put a word at the back of it that would best describe them.

Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode July 22, 2014 #Ubertime

Each did their part on the task and presented the word or phrase that they have written. Vice Ganda listened to them and he admired them for their courage and honesty. What caught Vice’s attention was Fifth who wrote “bisexual” that made him express the real him. When it was time for Joshua to present himself, he said that he cannot think of anything to write, instead he wrote “comforting.” That made Vice a little down and he said to Joshua that he needed to take the task seriously. After this, the very close Joshua and Jane talked about what happened and it was still hard for Joshua to accept change. Jane tried to convince him but he didn’t listen that made Jane feel bad.

Big Brother then called the adult housemates inside the confession room for a task. He said that they will have a sort of hang-out and bonding over wine but they needed to let the teens sleep first. When the teens were in their room, the  girls kept on having fun by tickling each other that annoyed Joshua since he wanted to sleep that time.

During the hang-out of the older housemates, they talked about a lot of things especially on the relationship of Vickie to Jason. Vickie was asked by Vice if she missed Jayson and she affirmed it. There are so many funny moments during that night.

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