On the July 21, 2014 episode of Pinoy Big Brother All In, a recap of what happened last week was aired. This includes the eviction night wherein the housemates were so emotional over Fourth’s exit of the PBB House. Fifth was the most emotional as he squalled out loud due to the fact that his twin was about to leave him alone inside. Fifth confessed that it was hard for him not to have Fourth’s company due to the fact that he was expecting that they will be together till the end of the show and that they will get out of the PBB house together but that was not the case.

Meanwhile, the central focus of this episode is the entry of Vice Ganda who is famous for being one of the hosts of It’s Showtime. It all happened when a text message was received by the housemates and it was Daniel who handled the phone. At first, the housemates were unable to identify who was texting that is why they kept sending sms to him. Clues were then given by the texter who will be the next guess in the PBB house. The clues were phrases like “BOOM PANES,” “UNKABOGABLE,” “ANSAVEEEEEHHHHHH,” etc. it was then the moment when the housemates were able to recognize that their next visitor was none other than Vice Ganda.

Summary Pinoy Big Brother: PBB All In Episode July 21, 2014 #PBBBoomPanes

Vice’s entry in the PBB House was in order to give good vibes and teach also the housemates life lessons based on his experiences. Vice was able to talk to them and got the opportunity of sharing a lot of things that would inspire them such as with regards to Manolo’s inability to dance well. According to Vice, Manolo should turn his flaws into “flawsome” which was according to Vice, it was a combination of “flaws” and being “awesome.” Vice was able to connect with Joshua and even joked that he was more handsome in person than in television.

The housemates were able to go through a  special task given by Big Brother to Vice in order to share good vibes to them by means of practicing one of his songs entitled “BOOM PANES.” The housemates were able to practice the steps taught to them by their visitor. It was a funny moment between Vice and the housemates as they mastered the song. What’s so amazing about the task was the chance that Vice was able to share to them the message of the song that they danced.

According to Vice, it was a song about accepting the things that you have in life. He then addressed to Maris as being someone with flat (pango in tagalog) nose. Vice advised her to love herself no matter what her looks is. Vice was able to connect to the housemates though several issues tackled along with laughter. The housemates were able to increase good vibes also through the Yakisoba challenge wherein they have to make an instavideo that could entertain.

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