The video about a Pinay asking for help in order to find a guy on the train went viral. It took place in a Singaporean MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) wherein Harlene Azuela saw a man sitting but she did not have the chance to make a move to get to know the guy. With this Harlene captured a video of him without his knowledge and asked for help in order to find him.

This has been shared over the net and went viral. Harlene said "Guys, have you ever had the moment wherein you saw someone that catches your eye, but unfortunately, you didn't do anything about it? Well, it happened to me.” And a 1:13 minute video became an inspiration in order for a movie to be produced. The movie is entitled “She’s the One” starring Dingdong Dantes and Bea Alonzo.

Video of Pinay named Harlene Azuela Asking for Help to Find a Guy on the Train Became Viral

In the movie is not exactly what happened in the Singaporean MRT but that was the inspiration. It was Bea Alonzo who became the mysterious girl that a character in the movie was finding. The concept was there, only, the characterization was changed and a story was conceived.

Going back to the video of Harlene, it immediately became viral upon release. In fact, in Youtube alone, the uploader gained 68,000 views and still counting. Another thing is that a Singapore-based website STOMP commended Harlene’s bravery for doing such act and coming up with a video in finding the guy.

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