In Victoria, Laguna, an image of an alleged alien taken is spreading and subject to checkup if they are fakes or not. The picture brought curiosity from the residence and they were not alarmed since according to them, there is still a tendency that the pictures are fake and they have went through photo editing software which are common nowadays.

After typhoon Glenda hit Laguna, the residences in Victoria were busy cleaning the surroundings including the canals when the photo was taken. A certain Barangay Kagawad took a picture of what they were cleaning when a photo of an alleged alien appeared. It is a bizarre, black image of an unidentified creature. The image of an alleged alien appeared more than ten times.

Picture of an Alien is Spreading in Victoria, Laguna, Philippines: Real or Fake

According to some residences, there were angles that looked true and there were also that were not and it has something to do with camera effect. The residences also said that since the photo was taken, no record of bad happenings took place in the said barangay.

The photos were brought to a professional graphic artist to be checked. When you look at the photos at first sight, you will say that they are edited that can be processed through photo editing software. According to the graphic artist, it is possible that there are applications nowadays that can manipulate photos with the use of computer.

Is there an alien in Victoria, Laguna Philippines? Well, check very well the photos and see for yourself if aliens really occur in the said place. While there are so many people who are saying that the photo was manipulated, it is still good to consider the fact that there might be some third kind in this world. Let me see what is your reaction.

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