There is a twist in the tasks of the housemates now that they are considered as “PBB All In 10.” The housemates were assured by Big Brother that they will go through a tough time now that there are only 10 left inside the house. This will also test the strong bond between the siblings.

The housemates were divided into two groups namely Team Fourth and Team Fifth. Team Fourth was composed of Loisa, Vickie and Daniel while Team Fifth was composed of Jane, Joshua, Cheridel, Maris and Manolo.

PBB All In Updates July: Team Fourth or Team Fifth?

The housemates started with their task of building when Joshua was sleeping. Because of this, Big Brother gave him a punishment that he will not be allowed to open his eyes the whole day. What he did was he slept the whole day and the members of his team will carry him wherever they will go. It was an additional burden to Team Fifth since they needed to carry Joshua and he was not allowed to speak, but only allowed to open his eyes and move when he was about to eat but the team members will have to carry him.

Big Brother called Maris inside the confession room since he heard her call Joshua “baby.” Because of that, his team will have to carry him and give him a lullaby. When the baby cries, the housemates will have to do something to stop him and put him back to sleep. Wherever they will go, they will have to carry Joshua and they even joked about Joshua cleaning the floor.

Tears were flowing from the eyes of Joshua and it was in the hands of his team if Big Brother will lift up the punishment. Another thing that Team Fifth did was to blow something on the balloons so that they will get their condiments since it was hard for them to cook, eat and do a lot of things without the condiments. Who will succeed in their task? Is it Team Fifth or Team Fourth?

Meanwhile the nominated housemates are Jane, Daniel, Cheridel, Manolo, and Loisa.

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