Aside from Fourth, other housemates also gave their comments and reactions on Fifth’s sexuality but after he admitted it to himself and tried to talk to them one by one. Yesterday, he talked to Manolo and Manolo said that “it is not about being gay or straight, it is about being good and bad” that impressed a lot of viewers of the said reality show in ABS-CBN.

This time, other housemates also gave their comments to Fifth. The next one who gave his comment was Loisa wherein she didn’t understand being bisexual in the beginning. When Fifth said that he is bisexual, Loisa said that she is too, only to know in the end that being bisexual is more than just having friends with either boy or girl. When Fifth explained to her about his situation, Loisa gave a comment to Fourth and she assured him that nothing has changed.

PBB All In: Fourth and Other Housemates’ Reaction on Fifth’s Sexuality

Joshua was the next person whom Fifth notified in order to share his problems. We know for a fact that Joshua is very close to Fifth and he needed to say to him the real score about his sexuality. Joshua understood him and said that there is both negative and positive sides of his situations but still he has the power to change his destiny.

Fifth then confronted his brother Fourth about his problem wherein Fourth already knew about this when they were in high school. Despite this thing, Fourth still managed to become a good brother to him. Fourth accepted Fifth wholeheartedly. Big Brother then advised Fourth to become a good brother to him. It was not easy for Fifth to let go of this, but because of the need, he did something about this.

The reactions and comments of the housemates were valued much by Fifth.

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