There are only 10 housemates remaining inside the PBB House that’s why they are called All In 10. Supposedly, there are only 9, and here is the story behind that. There was this task given to the housemates wherein they have to teach their visitors which comprised of kids a song with actions on Noah’s Ark.

The housemates should do this well because unknown to them, the fate of Cheridel lies on the task. The housemate succeeded on the task and that made Cheridel the official 10th housemate. Because of this, the housemates made a surprise welcome to her by hiding and throwing confetti.

PBB All In 10 Started Their Nomination Task on July 5, 2014

On Friday evening, the housemates were notified by Big Brother about their task that has something to do with the next nomination. This time, a twist will happen. Big Brother explained that their next task will determine who among them will be nominated this week.

Big Brother then divided the housemates into two groups: the group of teens and adults. This time, the team will have to plan very well who among them will face a certain housemate. The housemates will undergo challenges of five all in all and they have to win such challenge. Whoever will win 3 out of 5 challenges will be safe from the nomination and the other one will be nominated.

The housemates already started with their first challenge wherein a goggle was put on their eyes so that they cannot see. They will have to use their sense of touch to feel and determine what was put inside the five aquariums. Whoever will guess the five things the fastest will win the fist challenge.

Here is the result of the first challenge with the corresponding time.

Maris (13 m 10 sec) vs. Cheridel (11 min 16 sec) = Winner is Cheridel
Loisa (5 min 33 sec) vs. Vickie (3 min 44 sec) = Winner is Vickie
Manolo (6 min 28 sec) vs. Fourth (1 min. 26 sec) = Winner is Fourth
Joshua (38 sec) vs. Daniel (7 min 34 sec) = Winner is Joshua
Jane (5 min 52 sec) vs. Fifth (2 min 11 sec) = Winner is Fifth

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