Paula Salvosa, also known as “Amalayer” is the protagonist of this Saturday’s episode of MMK and its trailer is uploaded online for the people to watch. We have known her through the video that became viral wherein she had troubles with a lady guard. The uploading of the video changed her life forever and it did brought misery to her. She was cyberbullied and even a song was created for her with the title “Amalayer” that increased her popularity online. There were so many netizens who mocked her but there were also others who understood, supported and helped her rise above her situation.

Paula Salvosa known as Amalayer Featured on MMK Saturday July 19

The moment when she almost lost hope wasn’t really the dead end of her life as she became active in a church and developed her relationship with God. In a certain article published online, Paula claimed that from being “Amalayer” she is now “God’s princess.” This is good news about her knowing the fact that she overcame the obstacles and now living a life full of blessings.

We will be able to know more about Paula Salvosa "Amalayer" on the episode of MMK this Saturday, July 19. Don’t forget to watch Amalayer as she will be featured. Be inspired and learn how to stand after the fall with the story of Paula Salvosa.

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For the full details of the schedule of the episode, it will be on Saturday, July 19 at 8 PM only in ABS-CBN. Watch this and get rid of the doubts about Paula a.k.a. Amalayer.

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