One of the most trending news nowadays is the alleged spreading of scandal video of Paolo Bediones who allegedly had it with a female personality. There was this blind item about a male TV personality who allegedly has a scandal video with an actress.

With regards to the video, Paolo Bediones admitted that he had one with an actress but they already destroyed it to avoid spreading, this is according to a certain blogger. The issue now is who is the girl whom Paolo had a scandal video with? There are so many opinions online regarding the name of the celebrity, some are serious, some are funny. Well, we will know soon once the name is revealed and what would be Paolo’s reaction on the video.

About Paolo Bediones Alleged Scandal Video Spreading

Being part of a blind item is crucial. And here it is. Some are saying that it is already spreading online but there is still a need for a proof. We have known that lately there are so many celebrities who allegedly have video tapes and you can name them.

If ever the video will come out and there is a confirmation that it is Paolo Bediones, the next thing will be the investigation on how did the video existed since Paolo said that they have already destroyed the video, according to a certain blogger as reported by Inquirer.

Paolo Bediones aside from being a TV personality is also an entrepreneur, actor, journalist, newscaster, and radio commentator. He has been active in the industry since 1995. He has appeared on so many shows on television, not to mention his programs on the radio, writings and the like.

Going back to the issue on Paolo Bediones Alleged Scandal Video Spreading. Is it really him? Let’s see how far this issue goes. For the meantime, let’s just hope that the video will not spread.

One of the big question about this issue is that "Who is the Girl behind Alleged Paolo Bediones Viral Video Scandal?"

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