This is a rough time for news anchor Paolo Bediones due to the spread of his sex scandal video with an unidentified woman. There were speculations lately with regards to the identity of the woman but there was no official statement from the news anchor regarding the identity of the woman.

Paolo Bediones then reported to the police about what happened and subject to investigation. Now, here comes a picture of an alleged text message uploaded via Instagram saying that Paolo must call the person because he is threatening that most videos will be uploaded soon. He also said that he was impatient and he demands Paolo’s call. A cellphone number was put below the text message but the other digits were blurred.

Paolo Bediones Blackmailed by an Alleged Uploader of Sex Scandal Part 1 and Possible Part 2 and Part 3

On the comment section of the photo on Instagram were users who left their opinions on the matter. Paolo Bediones’ video scandal issue is becoming hotter as there is a threat for more. Should there be any issue that may arise again regarding Paolo’s scandal video, we will let you know. Right now, there is a need to stop the action.

Paolo Bediones being TV5’s news anchor is backed by the station. The thing is despite his issue, Paolo still managed to go to work. There are sanctions now served for those who will be convicted of doing the alleged uploading of the video.

While on the waves of the issue, Paolo found support from those who believe on his capabilities being a news anchor, actor and writer. Regarding on the video that was uploaded, Paolo was once on a blind item on a certain news portal and it did happen. We are hoping that things will be settled and it will go back to normal with Paolo Bediones.

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