The fans, activity partners, co-stars, friends and many more showed sympathy to the Superstar Nora Aunor for being omitted from the list of possible National Artist. This is after President Benigno Aquino III signed the final list of her being omitted from the title for a particular reason. According to Aquino, he is serious about his campaign against illegal drugs and looking at Aunor’s history, there was this incident wherein she was arrested in 2005 for alleged possession of methamphetamine or shabu in Los Angeles. In 2007, the charge against the actress was dropped after she has undergone rehabilitation program.

On the other hand, Nora Aunor was hurt by President Aquino’s move and she said that even though she will not get the title as “National Artist,” she will forever be thankful to the people, especially to her fans, family, fellow actors and actresses, National Artists, and many more who believe that she deserves to have the title.

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Author Bino A. Realuyo, the one who called her “the greatest among Filipino actor of all time” published an essay on Huffington Post and GMA News Online. There were so many fans who were disappointed on Aquino’s decision. President Aquino said that if he will include Aunor on the list of National Artists, there will surely be other people who will criticize him. He also explained that regarding his job and decision-making, there will surely be people who will be against him.

On the other hand, Nora Aunor’s lawyer Clair Navarro Espina cleared things out and corrected Aquino about his claim that Aunor was convicted of drug abuse. She said that his client was never convicted of such crime and the issue should die out just for the sake of “National Artist” award.

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