The issue about Billy Crawford’s alleged relationship with Coleen Garcia became hot when the actor claimed that he was courting Coleen though there is no confirmation coming from any of the two about the real score in their relationship. This has become hotter when photos of Billy and Coleen’s Amazing Trip to Japan were uploaded online.

Now, the issue is about Nikki Gil’s encounter with Coleen on a certain event two months ago on which the two didn't deny to have happened. The place was Subic. According to Coleen, they did not have the chance to greet each other but good vibe was maintained, along with politeness.

When Nikki was interviewed and told of what Coleen has said, she didn't deny that they indeed met on a certain event according to the news. Nikki explained that she already moved on and there’s no use turning back. She added that despite of what happened between her and her 5-year old boyfriend, she didn't lose hope on love.

Nikki Gil’s Words on Encounter with Coleen Garcia

Nikki believed that their relationship is not unique at all, that there are so many people out there who can relate. She said that there is no time to be bitter since that could stop her from seeing a lot of opportunities ahead and enjoying the company of good people around here.

When she was asked if she is open to working with her ex someday, she said that it is not necessary. She is very transparent when it comes to her feelings and she doesn’t what the project to suffer due to her bad performance. In the meantime, Nikki is happy with her career despite not working with her ex.

Talking about the alleged relationship of Billy and Coleen, we cannot avoid talking about Nikki due to the issues on breaking up. And since it is cleared, we do hope and pray that moving on is on the way.

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