Jump For Your Life, a Filipino-made iOS Game is coming to the Apple App Store for FREE on July 30, 2014. It's an endless platforming game with original, skill-based gameplay that’s both simple and fun. And it just might be the next big mobile game made by Filipinos.

You play as Pudgy McEaton, the world’s fattest treasure hunter, as he tries to prove his doubters wrong by being a halfway decent treasure hunter despite being overweight. Jump around as you try to collect as much treasure as you can in an old dungeon that cannot handle his weight. Go through challenging obstacles and utilize upgradablepowerups as Pudgy literally jumps for his life.

The Jump For Your Life game is created by Yes Please Games, a team of friends who met in college and share a love of video games.

New Filipino-Made iOS Game 'Jump For Your Life' by Yes Please Games

Spencer and Peter, the founders of Yes Please Games were roommates in college. Having a passion for video games, theydreamed making games for a living. But the local video game industry wasn’t as developed at the time and the two decided to pursue other careers.
New Filipino-Made iOS Game 'Jump For Your Life' by Yes Please Games ScreenShots

In recent years, mobile gaming and independent game development started to grow. This encouraged Peter and Spencer to revisit the idea of creating games.To take care of the music and sound effects,Ryan, a musician friend from their college dorm, was called upon. Coming up with a game concept that was easy-to-learn and fun, the three-man team worked on Jump For Your Life. With the support of the community, Yes Please Games hopes that they will be able to keep making games in the future.

They’re proud to say that they’re proud to say that everything in the game, including music, is 100% Filipino-made!
Jump for Your Life will be available for Free in the App Store on July 30, 2014.

Peter Yu Co-founder
Visit their website at for more information.

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