When it comes to music videos, MTV is the right place. When you come to watch the shows on television, you will get to see the latest hits along with the stories behind the song, artist, albums, etc. This is how successful MTV is which enlarged its territories in different continents. This coming MTV Music Awards which will be on August 24 is packed with nominations on different artists and Beyonce, Eminem and Azalea got the most number of nominations.

Starting with Beyonce, this talented singer got eight nominations including the Video of the Year category wherein she will vie with Azalea. Eminem and Azalea both got seven nominations. The two broke out on the hit “Fancy.” This will surely be an exciting moment for the three who were nominated several times.

MTV Video Music Awards Nomination August 2014

The MTV Video Music Awards started in 1984 and still active in 2014. There are so many artists who were given recognitions because of this awards. When you happen to visit the homepage of MTV, you will get to see a lot of buttons to click either if you want to vote, look at photos, read headlines, etc. Just in case you want to know the complete list of nominations, it is good to visit MTV’s official site.

The categories for MTV Video Music Awards are video of the year, best male video, best female video, best hip-hop video, best pop video, best rock video, artist to watch, best collaboration, mtv clubland award, and best video with a social message. These are in all categories.

On the professional categories, they are best cinematography, best editing, best choreography, best direction, best art direction and best visual effects.

If you have an artist or video to support, you can show that by visiting the MTV site and voting.

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