One of the most discreet in terms of news on relationship nowadays is Matteo and Sarah. Though the two are so busy with their careers, they still have a means to improve their relationship. Let us learn from them and see what Matteo is up to nowadays.

The two are already on the 6th month of their relationship and there are indications that they are really in love. Meanwhile, Matteo revealed his gift for the 26th birthday of Sarah. According to him, he will give the pop princess a workout attire since Sarah according to him likes new sports and wants to be active.
According to them, their normal treatment with each other is the key to their relationship that has been there for more than six months already. What Matteo loved more about Sarah is that though they are together, she never show herself as a superstar but an ordinary person.

Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah Geronimo’s Secret to Stronger Relationship

Sarah said that there are so many things ahead for them and they will surely go through a lot of things. And for the first time, she felt herself as a true lover unlike before wherein she kept details about her love life.
Another good qualities of Matteo is that he keeps on getting along with the family of Sarah wherein according to the pop princes, the courting period should not end after receiving the ‘YES” but it should be continuous until the wedding because the fact is that they will be their parents soon.

Sarah’s birthday is scheduled on Friday and according to Matteo, all he asks is a private place and time so that they are going to celebrate Sarah’s birthday well. Sarah and Matteo is one of loveliest couples online when it comes to celebrities. We wish them a blessed life.

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